Verstingen (Norwegian, the villain)

Norwegian society constantly tries to distinguish itself in public as humane, democratic and excellent. At the same time, elementary human rights are violated on an every day basis inside of Norway. Against these infringements, that often happen in broad Norwegian daylight, citizens are practically without defense. Given the practical absence of objective problems, e.g. economical, ecological, in Norway, this basically complete failure to function as a humane society seems a riddle.

As a human being living in Norway, I am unsettled by and strongly opposed to the utterly corrupt, totalitarian Norwegian society, who tortures and kills citizens, exercises racial segregation and awards the Nobel Peace Prize.

I was given the opportunity to experience how it feels when Norwegian police puts handcuffs on you and takes you away without even telling where to or letting you make any call. I am not really 100% sure why I got away with only an injured right hand, besides having done nothing wrong. Not every victim is that lucky in Norway.

See, this is how things work in totalitarian systems: a snitch denounces you, for exactly whatever reason, maybe someone just does not like your face, and then they come and get you, if only to scare the hell out of you. You might call that terror. It is not even about politics, rather about primal evil in human predators.

It might be consolidating to some of the victims if their suffering is being acknowledged. Most of all, it is my hope that brutality and tribalism in Norway can be reduced and Norwegian society be forced to respect basic human rights, if facts concerning such issues become more widely known outside of Norway.

I am trying to adhere to facts as closely as I manage, interpretations are my own. Please excuse my foreign English, sometimes I am writing in German too, and source texts linked to are in Norwegian. The Google translation service usually conveys content quite well with not too technical texts and I kindly ask to use this facility for reading the source texts in your language.

Thank you for your time!

Kolsås, 20.02.14


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