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Smell of refugees hinder for integration

According to a politician from the Norwegian Progress Party, bad smell is a major obstacle for integration of refugees.

“Most of us want to smell good when meeting people. We take a shower, put on clean clothes and perfume. This is what I am used to in my social circle. They (i.e. the refugees) use to smell differently”.

“When you eat a lot of spices and different food, you will smell differently.”

The politician raises the question:

“Do we really want in our own home someone who thinks, eats and smells differently because they eat different food, totally different from us?”

Clearly, this is not what a politician a bit higher up would say and it raises eyebrows even among party fellows, but it is the thinking of parts of the Norwegian public in 2014.


Everyday Norwegian Racism

Everyday Norwegian Racism

Like in the example above, there is no way around it, you meet it while working and during leisure activities, as it is an integral part of society.

There exists no protection against racism in Norway, apart from in practice meaningless legal rules. Because racism officially does not exist in Norway, nothing can be done against it. Also here, victims are completely powerless, while notorious perpetrators have a good laugh.