Innocent man strangled to death by Norwegian authorities, who see nothing wrong with this

A completely innocent man literally was strangled to death by Norwegian authorities.

He was seeking help, feeling followed. Two police women transported him to a medical facility, where he decided he did not want to be. When trying to leave, the police asked a male employee to hold the man. He strangled him for about 1 minute. After that, the man was dead.

The autopsy revealed strangulation as the cause of death.

Eyewitnesses declared the man did not use any force, he just wanted to leave, after voluntarily seeking help to begin with (anyone who ever got to feel what threat “help” in Norway really means, can understand why the man changed his mind).

After the death, an internal police investigation was initiated and it concluded that nothing wrong had happened. The eyewitness statements were ignored.

The family of the brutally killed man never received any expression of regret from the authorities. Now the family hired a lawyer to fight for that. They do not want any money; they want nothing except the authorities to grant that something went wrong and that the incident is regrettable.

The question is why NRK did report the incident; maybe this is due to journalists testing Glasnost after the recent change of government and editors knowing people will basically not react to such a report, not even read it, or maybe it is meant as a reminder that Norwegian authorities are powerful and ruthless and that good members of Norwegian society do not care for others.

Maybe some still do care but they know already well that police basically, like shown above, just can apprehend them and have them killed without anyone worrying about it.


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