Violent criminals escape punishment if …

… they happen to be Norwegian police officers.

Many criminals escape in Norway because cases are being closed, authorities claiming insufficient resources. Of course, this opens immediately for bias regarding which cases is worked on.

The most prominent problem, however, is crimes committed by the corrupt police force.

In connection with the case of Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian who committed mass murder in 2011, directly blood-curdling issues became known about corruption in the Norwegian police force. It is not at all clear, if any of these are being resolved.

Very recently, the government-sponsored news channel NRK published an article about violence committed by Norwegian police in 2013. Strikingly, publishing such material, remains without any visible reaction, many people are followers, others are much too scared to even think through implications.

It can be assumed that many cases of police violence are not registered. Only in 2013, against 460 police officers complaints were filed. A high number given the small Norwegian population. Not a single police officer was sentenced. The leader of the unit investigating these crimes says that even in obvious cases no conviction has been made. Meaning, of course, violent police officers likely continue committing their crimes, now with official approval, and knowing they will get away with it.

The victims are taught by this practice that filing complaints will not help, that rather the contrary will happen. They now are subject to revenge. They, we, learn to keep quiet about it when becoming a victim.


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